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Pitch Deck

By Entrepreneurcoach

February 7, 2021

A Pitch Deck

A pitch deck is another one of those fun terms, it’s essentially a power point presentation.

This allows you to put together a quick slide presentation. Some experts say that 10 perfect slides are the way to go, while others feel you can go up to 20. I would say less is more, and the simpler your presentation.

Pitch decks are widely used as a means for funding, but they serve other purposes as well.

They create a visual experience without the use of a business plan.

Making a Pitch Deck

The pitch deck is a lot like your business plan in the fact that it needs to be lean, but still get the message across.

Making a business plan before you make your pitch deck will save you time, and time is money. You want to use your business plan and have a specific goal in mind for the meeting.

Now your business plan is a summary of your business, and this is where these two plans differ. A pitch deck is all about taking one plan of action and focusing it into a visual experience.

The good thing about your pitch deck is that you can engage multiple people at one time.

Your slideshow is basically telling a story. You start with what problem you’re fixing, and the solution you offer. You need to explain the risks and rewards of your proposal, and make sure you have all your facts backed up by research.

Those were just a few of the many types of planning you can expect to need at some point for your company. The great part is you are now armed with the information that you need to really make any plan. If you stick to the basics, you’ll be fine.

Speaking of the basics, that is what the last part of this book is going to cover. Once you have made a business plan or any other plan out there, you need to use the last part of this book to make sure you’re not making some common error.


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